What is different?

it.fzlr.io has changed, it used to be a subsite on my personal blog but has been moved here. Also widgets to our discord have been added so it is easy to find.

What stays the same?

I do not honestly know at this point, things have a way of being fluid more than they are stationary.
fzlr.io will probably undergo significant changes over the coming months, but my personal blog (gnubbi.org ‐ danish) will stay.


The name came about one boring day where we weres spitballing names for a corporation in EVE Online. That corporation lasted for years, even as we drifted away from the game, but it was always there waiting. Then one day Tickles decided to rename the discord server we had called OPG Old People Gaming to Cuddly Little Bastards. I have since worked on getting a bot into a functional state. We have 3 game servers available for the games that we play.

The future?

Again, do not know, for now we are working towards making CLB a good community for the members we have and will get in the future.

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